DPSF grantee Lulú Martínez and the DREAM 9 are free!

The Dream 9 were released from detention and returned home on Wednesday, August 7, 2013.  Another past DPSF grantee, Tania Unzueta  reminds us…” I guess the thing about some lawyers is that they believe things happen through laws. They don’t get that it was never about asylum, or what they qualify for — in fact, the whole issue began because the laws don’t actually apply to people’s lives. The #Dream9 were released because of organizing and the work of undocumented-led organizations. The way they are treated from now on, has nothing to do with what they laws say, but what people organize towards. Congrats to all who did work to support this action.”


On July 22, 2013 the DREAM 9 attempted to come home to the US from Mexico – each had visited their place of birth and attempted to return testing federal immigration policy, claiming humanitarian parole. They were taken into detention and sent to the ELOY Detention Center in Arizona.

One of the 9 is Lulú Martínez , a 2012 and 2013 Davis-Putter grantee. Lulú was sent to solitary confinement following efforts to give information to other detainees about their rights and has been on hunger strike. Protests and actions have multiplied and today we have learned that she and six others have had their “credible fear” approved, which only allows their cases to be heard – there is still no word about whether or when they will be released and allowed to return home. You can help bring Lulú and the DREAM 9 home by signing this petition:

Please visit the National Immigrant Youth Alliance website http://theniya.org/ for updates and further action!

Sending love and solidarity to Lulú! Let’s bring them home!